Is a mac better than a sony VAIO

comparing them like compare nikon and canon in slr world

Is Sony VAIO notebook better than an ipad?
Sony vaio notebook is not better than they ipad because there are less apps on it. Ipad is made by Mac and they are known to be reliable and have no viruses.

Is a Sony vaio a Mac or PC?
For function and reliability, Mac, no doubt about it. For gaming and easy to read systems, PC. Sony Vaio, well, Sony should just stick to making TV's...

Can mac osx run on sony VAIO laptops?
Mac OS X can legally only be run on Apple computers.

What are the release dates for SGNL by Sony - 2010 Sony VAIO S Series vs- Mac Book Pro Plus Tearing Down a Bloggie 3D and Award Winning Photos 1-13?
SGNL by Sony - 2010 Sony VAIO S Series vs- Mac Book Pro Galaxy s8 plus specs Tearing Down a Bloggie 3D and Award Winning Photos 1-13 was released on: USA: 27 July 2011

Are Sony laptops better than Macintosh laptops?
It really depends on what you want, Sony laptops are mainly for Windows operating system, and if you preferred to use Windows, then Sony is better, or else, choose a Mac.

Is Sony better than Apple?
Sony has the same galaxy a50 specs are Apple at a lower price. Apple just has a different OS. In my opinion, Windows is better than Apple's OS, so I prefer Sony. If you can't live without OSX, you can get a Mac. Otherwise, go for Sony.

Does Sony Vegas pro 9 work on a PC?
Yes, personally I think it Sony Products work better on Windows than mac.

Which is better Sony laptops or hp Compaq laptops?
Sony Vaio laptops are pretty good, but like Mac, will need patience in learning how to navigate and utilize all its programs. The Compaq laptop is a "basic", low cost computer and great if all you want is a basic, low cost laptop :)

Which is better for a student a Mac laptop or a VAIO laptop?
If you are not planning to play games on it get a Mac (macs are only good for graphics, photography, image editing and documentation) If you want something with a little kick get th vaio

What a proper noun for computer?
A proper noun for a computer would be the name of the manufacturer, Apple, Dell, Sony, etc., or the model, Mac, VAIO, etc.

Computer store that sell computers?
Frys(all types) Apple Store (mac) Office Depot(windows) Staples(windows) Sony Style (vaio)

Do Sony VAIO laptops compare to a Mac?
Sony have their own marketing aswell as Mac, they compare as computers however, they both have their own individual advantages and disadvantages, therefore are no reason to compare, they are both very ideal computers and laptops to use, however depending on what you are expecting from a laptop or computer is down to you.

Is a MacBook Pro better than a VAIO laptop?
Yes, as long as you're not tied to Windows. Mac OSX is faster and more stable than any version of Windows. The best thing is that you can dual-boot into Windows if you feel that you absolutely have to (but resist it - find a Mac solution first).

Which laptop is better Sony or apple?
Defiantly Sony. It is a PC, not a Mac, so it is much better with Windows 7. You should also check out Toshiba.

Why PC is better than a Mac computer?
PC in not better than Mac

Are vaio laptops compatibale with the iMac?
Compatibility depends upon just what you want to do. The Sony VAIO runs the Windows operating system and Apple's iMac runs Mac OS X (but it can also run Windows if required) so their software is not interchangeable but they can talk to each other over a network and share files between themselves.

Which is better a mac pro or a mac genius?
Mac Pro is better than Mac Genius. Mac Pro is a faster computer than Mac Genius. It has old Mac based proceesors but it is faster.

Is apple mac better than playstation?
Yes the mac is better than a old PS1

Where can you find a pink laptop computer?
Many companies sell pink laptop computers. Sony sells a pink VAIO, Dell and HP sell them, and huawei honor 20 specs honor 10 specs Apple sells pink Mac laptops. You can check at a box store or online.

Which is better a Mac book pro or Mac book air?
The Mac Book Pro is better than the Mac Book Air.

What are the benefits of using Vaio computers over Mac computers?
Vaio computers have the Windows software and the parts for these computers are cheap to replace when something falls apart. Mac computers are more expensive to replace parts on. There are also some programs that are not offered on Mac but are offered on PC.

Is Mac really better than a PC?
I have owned a PC and a Mac and I think the Mac is better. The Mac is not as likely to get a virus. The Mac also boots up a lot quicker than the PC. And you don't have to deal with Vista on a Mac!

What is the best company in desktop?
I would get a Mac. Apple computers are generally overpriced. they are known for their user friendly but specfication wise they are 3 times over priced than the normal market. a fair computer that is generally affordable that has good specs would be dell, hp. Sony is also overpriced because they are more marketed to style. if you want to be stupid and ripped off do what he would do, buy a mac, if not...

Is a Mac better than a Vista Computer?
That is an opinion question, but Mac seems lots better to me.

What do i do if my laptop shuts down when i play sims3 i have a mini sony vaio and HTC Desire 19+ specs it shuts down when i play the sim 3 for galaxy a70 specs note 8 specs only 2 mins it never happens when im on the internet or anything?
Your computer may struggle to deal with the Sims3. I had a similar problem with my Mac

Is skillet better than Toby mac?
i love Toby Mac, Galaxy s8 plus specs but i would say that Skillit is way better

Which is better Sony Viao or Mac Book Pro?
Which computer is better is dependent upon your needs and what you desire in a computer. If you are more familiar with the Windows operating system, you will likely prefer the Sony Viao because it is more familiar to you. I prefer the MacBook Pro because I prefer the Mac OS. With the MacBook Pro software you can read and save files from a Windows computer, but the reverse will not necessarily be true without...

How do you install mac OS in sony laptop?
You can't. You need a Mac.

Why mac os x lion better than Windows 7?
Mac OS X Lion is better than Windows 7 because it is faster, doesn't get viruses, is a lot more secure and in my opinion has a better user interface. It's up to you though to decide which is better. Remember if you get a Mac you can run both Windows 7 and Mac OS.

How do viao computers compare with HP Mac Apple and Dell computers?
Vaio computers are thinner and faster and the resolution for graphics are impressive. It handles gaming and multiple programs with ease. Sony has a great reputation and is compatible with Windows 7. The larger screen is nice, but a long battery life is questionable.

Can sony vaio with i3 processer run mac os?
Putting OSX on a PC is called "Making a Hackintosh." Google 'Hackintosh' It will not be a PC any more, so your software won't run unless you keep your PC system software and install it later using Apple's "Boot Camp."

Is mac better than windows live?
It depends. Mac is better when it comes to business, design, and it is good with games. However, if you just want to play computer games, than I sudgest a PC because most games are not for Mac.

What is MAC application?
A Mac application is like a program that runs on windows, but it runs on a Mac. Btw mac applications are better than windows applications.

What is a better computer for graphic design a mac or PC?
The PC is better for graphic design because it has more capabilities and software for it than the Mac has.

Who is better T-mac or Vince Carter?
Vince Carter was by far much better than T-Mac. T-Mac was a really good player, but Vince Carter is still a much better player.

Which is better sims 3 on ds or mac?
Mac s way better than ds because its easier to click on stuff but you can take your game on roadtrips if you have a ds or a laptop but i reccomend mac

What is the fastest notebook processor available on the market?
2.93 Ghz duo for notebook. Available in Sony VAIO VGN-AW290, Apple Mac book pro ( faster processors are available in quad format but only for desktops) Either an Intel Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Duo will do, about 3 GHz

Can you put Sony Vegas on a Mac?
no my friend tried and he had no luck mac doesn't support it.

What are the advantages of using apple mac instead of PC?
Everything. I have both Mac and PC and my mac is far better and cheaper than the PC.

Which computer is better Sony or Mac?
Mac computers are better than Sony computers. Oh that is so lame you are supposed to justify ur answers. I will tell you why, it's all in the operating system since Microsoft has more users they are prone to more viruses. however there are no viruses for mac. Also Mac is innovation Steve Jobs is a true artist. Every one of his machines is a work of art furturistic, creative, fun, leader in technology if...

For what uses are macs better than pcs?
Well the graphics are better and you can buy tons of programs that let you switch between mac and PC on your mac monitor.

Why is a Mac computer supposedly better than a PC?
They're not.

Do Sony digital camcorders work with Mac computers?
Yes, it is possible, although it depends on which model Sony camcorder you have. You will need a Mac with Intel and an operating system of at least X10.5.

I am thinking of buying a new computer. Should I buy a PC or a mac?
Probably a PC. Macs are really overpriced, and you don't have many choices. Take a look at the Dell XPS 15z or a Samsung Series 9 for alternatives for the Macbook and Macbok Air. For a Macbook Pro, look at the Sony Vaio S or Z.

Are Mac's better than PC for livestreaming to Twitch?
A Mac has the potential for being a better machine than a PC for liverstreaming to Twitch. This will depend greatly on the hardware that is actually located inside of either the Mac or the PC.

Is a Mac better than a PC when it comes to recording audio?
A mac is much more effiecient at sound recording and so can do the same work at lower specs. An 800mhz mac can usually do the same work as a 1.5Ghz windows machine and so neither is 'better' but the mac can do it alot better on less spec.

Are Dell computers better than Mac computers and why?
No, Dell computers aren't even better than other brands of PCs.

Where does compaq rank among other computers?
not that great. i mean there ok but if you really want a decent PC that you can configure with high specifications and power go with Dell, HP, or a Sony vaio. preferably purchased online and customize it. However. If you really want reliability, ease of use, and an assload of features you wont get and any PC...get a Mac:)

Is a Windows 7 better than mac?
Windows 7 is an operating system. A Mac is a computer. A Mac can run Windows 7. The two things are not comparable.

Which is better windows or apple?
windows, mac is stupid and its hard to use because its a useless piece of junk. and microsoft windows has a better product and is more popular than a mac.

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